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General Grand Masonic Congress President General

General Grand Masonic Congress President General
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Psalms 27:1

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Same Name/ Two different Supremes?

The General Grand Masonic Congress and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Masons of the United Supreme Council Southern Western Jurisdiction and Canada were in Little Rock, AK. this summer. It was a good time of learning, growing, working, and fraternizing. One of the things that we learned is that there are many different jurisdictions in Masonry, many like the other. Some so similar that they even share the same name, culture, and history. My question to you is who is legitimate, who is right, who is wrong? or Is there a wright and wrong? Should all division and factions of the same yet different kind squash any historic beef and unite under the same banner as they share the same name in the spirit of brotherly love, relief, and Charity with Harmony being the strength of our society? I would love to have your comments on this matter.
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  1. Hi i think that there are too many supreme council , why can't they call a meeting of all the supreme councils and decide to have only two united supreme councils , that mean that there would have to be a merger of these supreme council then out of the merger they would agree to have only two supreme councils one for the southern and western jurisdiction one for the northern and eastern jurisdiction and i think that the masonic world can become very strong and productded to humanurtian aid in our community ,city state and to the world .i am a member of Howard Coleman Lodge #15 which is a member of the New Most Worshipful Jerusalem Grand Lodge A.F.A.M. OF illinois

  2. Ideally, I think you are right, that would be the correct thing to do. Nevertheless, how often does man do what is correct, good, and just? Too often, we are concerned with our personal gain and blinded by the power and fame to let it all go and work for the good of the order. There is also a trust factor. Many organizations have split and split with the split for a reason. "Every thing that gliders ant gold" We must be able to see a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How do you entrust Money, Land, bank accounts, and people’s lives to a stranger that may not have your best interest at heart. There are soo many questions that need to be addressed, but I am sooo happy that we have started a dialog that may create some answers to this age-old problem of divide and conquer.